Book Analysis: Don T Kill It

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Don’t over Kill It: (Weaver, C, 2008, p. 20 - 21) Theory: Many students hate writing. They believe that writing is something that they aren’t good at and therefore they go into an assignment knowing that the teacher will rip their paper into shreds. They believe the teachers just overanalyze every single word and the student has no chance to get a perfect score. Just like if you take a test you are nervous to get the test results back because you know you didn’t study as hard as you should have. Students do the same thing when teachers go to grade their papers, poems, or anything to do with literature. Rationale: In this book they try to explain why you shouldn’t overanalyze the students work because you want
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Getting a paper back that had red ink all over it, not necessarily made me feel embarrassed because my paper was covered but it made me feel like I couldn’t write. Whatever I wrote on my paper was absolutely wrong in my teacher’s eyes. Your students are never going to be confident then themselves if you are constantly just grading. If you are grading and you are just marking with your red pen all over their papers they aren’t going to learn from that. You need to set them down and have a conference with them and discuss what they think they should change in their own paper. I don’t think the teacher should express what they think until they hear what the students opinion is about their own paper. In my opinion, I work best from examples, so giving your students examples and relating it back to their writing wouldn’t you think they’d learn better that way? They would. Including many things like highlighting great things about their writings is important to because it gives them confidence. It gives them that they know how to write it’s just I need to work on a few things because clearly she didn’t highlight my whole paper. I know there are something I need to work on, but I know I got this part right because she highlighted it. Students love praise, especially if it’s something towards writing because each kid gets nervous about turning in a writing paper because no one believes they are good at
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