Book Analysis : ' I Lost My Tooth '

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This is a brief analysis of the books, (I Lost My Tooth in Africa) written by Penda Diakite illustrated by Baba Wague Diakite, and (Soup Day) written by Melissa Iwai. Both of these texts are great examples on how innocent books may have accidental negative implications. These books may show bias, discrimination, prejudice, racism, or sexism. Also, these texts can show different contributions and lifestyles differences between cultures also community and cultural norms. I Lost My Tooth in Africa, is a short children’s story about a young girl whose family is taking a long journey to visit their family in Mali, Africa. As she is about to board the plane she notices that she has a loose tooth and this excites her. When they arrive in Africa they go about their daily routines until Amina (main character) loses her tooth. When she does Amina places her tooth under a gourd. Amina receives two chickens, which eventually lay eggs, Amina is super excited to see the chicks hatch. As their time in Africa nears a close and the chicks still have not hatched Amina gets very anxious. Fortunately, for Amina on her families last in Africa the eggs finally begin to hatch and the chicks are born. This book is based on the Author’s sister when they visited Africa. (Worlds of Words, Overall, this is a fairly good book, however it does show some examples of prejudice. I Lost My Tooth in Africa shows prejudice by describing an African Village which has not been modernized much. The

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