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Skellig Skellig is portrayed as a mysterious character in the beginning and is hard to understand, but as the book progresses we learn more about him. When Michael first meets Skellig he is behind an old tea chest in a broken down old garage, there is dust and death everywhere, blue bottles are scattered all over him and spiders dangle from threads, small decaying animals produce a horrific smell, the garage is filled with a morbid atmosphere, even skellig looks dead until he starts speaking. When skellig first meets Michael, Michael enquires as to who he is, skellig replies ‘Nobody’ this may seem rude but perhaps skellig has forgotten, or maybe he just doesn’t care and thinks He is doing so little with his life that he really is a…show more content…
When they get Skellig outside they see that that he is actually a young man, the soft mounds on his shoulder blades remain a mystery, but Mina has an idea as to what they might be. They take skellig to another place, where they lie him down and promise to bring him other things to make him comfortable; Skellig asks for 27 and 53 again, but the climax of chapter 21 is when Skellig finally tells us his name, this would not seems like such a big event in a book normally, but the fact that skellig has kept his name a secret so far through the book, he has been so mysterious and odd, that Skellig telling mina and Michael his name is like he finally trusts them. When Mina and Michael check up on Skellig he says that he is tired and sick to death, he was sleeping, but he has moved from where they put him, all by him self! He wanted to go somewhere higher; they take him to an upstairs bedroom, and leave him some food, Mina takes of Skellig’s jacket, and the soft mounds on his shoulders spread out into beautiful white wings, at the beginning of the book Skellig, is seen as a grumpy sour old man, but as you read the book there are small signs that he is so much more. As they leave, Skellig begins to weep; I think that somehow he is almost ashamed of what he is. The last thing he says before they go is ‘Let me go home’, all through the book I thought that Skellig was lonely, but perhaps it was more than that perhaps it was that he was homesick? After the babies operation,

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