Book Analysis : ' The Big Book '

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Core Pages The core pages in the Big Book structure their information in a step by step fashion. It begins with Bill’s Story. The story of how Bill started his own journey through alcoholism and became a founding member of A.A. The following chapters target the alcoholic in different areas of their life. Chapter two and three talk about how, through science, spirituality, and personal experience, the founding authors discovered the solution to their alcoholic illness and the ways they could beat it. Chapter four targets the alcoholic who may shy away from the religious or spiritual talk about “God” and how the program handles the idea of God or a “higher power” as those in the group see it. Chapter five and six are the nuts and bolts of the steps and encouraging the alcoholic to understand the system and put the lessons into action in everyday life. Chapter seven encourages the alcoholic to spread the word of the program to other struggling alcoholics and encourage the brotherhood/sisterhood to grow and change minds one at a time. Chapters eight, nine, and ten hold meaning for individuals in the alcoholic’s life. Chapter eight is addressed to the wives of the alcoholic. Though this chapter was not altered for modern times, a footnote was added stating that the information could be applied to help those with alcoholic women in the home. This chapter, I feel, strongly summarized how those with alcoholic partners have dealt with their own issues in…
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