Book Analysis : ' The Big Book '

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Core Pages The core pages in the Big Book structure their information in a step by step fashion. It begins with Bill’s Story. The story of how Bill started his own journey through alcoholism and became a founding member of A.A. The following chapters target the alcoholic in different areas of their life. Chapter two and three talk about how, through science, spirituality, and personal experience, the founding authors discovered the solution to their alcoholic illness and the ways they could beat it. Chapter four targets the alcoholic who may shy away from the religious or spiritual talk about “God” and how the program handles the idea of God or a “higher power” as those in the group see it. Chapter five and six are the nuts…show more content…
Chapter nine expands on the spousal role and incorporates the entire family system. As with any disease, the alcoholic will be a key issue in how the family operates, thinks, and feels. The chapter discusses these issues and brings up points of possible emotions that I found would be helpful for the family to be conscious of in their alcoholic relative and in themselves. Chapter ten is a piece written by a business man who initially fired alcoholics and later began to understand their plight as his own. The instances of death and suicide after the businessman fired the individuals led the businessman to drink himself but, later on, begin to help those with alcoholism deal with their issues and work to keep their jobs. Another important piece to this chapter is that the employer can have options once the alcoholic maintains the job. The Big Book even discusses how the employer could use the alcoholic as a liaison to help others in his workforce. Finally, chapter eleven discusses how the alcoholic, fully accepting his recovery, will not seek to drink again. The alcoholic will change the people, places, and things that have made them an alcoholic as much as possible and will live a life of sobriety and become a living success for others. The chapter reiterates Doctor Bob and Bill’s first visit together and their eventual creation of Alcoholics Anonymous. Lastly, the chapter continues
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