Essay about Book Analysis of World War Z by Max Brooks

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World War Z was written by Max Brooks and published in 2007. Max has two other books that are also about surviving a zombie apocalypse. The general maxim about zombie apocalypse books is that they are for pure entertainment; however, his books carry hidden messages that pertain to modern society. World War Z is an exceptional book of entertainment and knowledge. The book was created into a motion picture starring Brad Pitt because of the much kudos that Max Brooks received from readers.
No book has captivated the zombie apocalypse better than World War Z. Max Brooks creatively presents “a worldwide zombie pandemic from outbreak to aftermath” (Boyd, Tristan). His book encompasses many social and political themes in the world today. The book
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The social layout completely changes as the outbreak consumes the world.
A major contributing factor to this great change is the fear and uncertainty that is instilled by the zombies. I believe that Brooks defined fear through people’s reactions to the outbreak. He explains how fear is the most basic emotion and how fear is the reasoning to perform an act. In one of his stories, he writes, “fear is the most valuable commodity in the universe” (Brooks). This is true because we buy products and services based on the fear of not having those products and the results of not having that commodity.
Combining all these serious themes into a very entertaining book should attract many readers. However, there was some confusion with the story line. Since this book is a collection of interviews, it wasn’t a conventional story. When I first started the book, I wasn’t sure why I was jumping from country to country and why each story was completely different. As I continued to read the book, I was able to understand that these were a collection of eyewitness accounts of the war. Also, Max Brooks uses a rife amount of vulgar language which I think could have been kept out. However, it made it real and that’s what this book is about.
Breaking that long-held axiom about zombie books, Max Brooks was able to bring a new definition to the zombie apocalypse. His talent to bring a well-rounded novel to the
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