Book Banning : Should Not Be Banned?

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Book banning is something that was been around for almost as long as books have, but why? Book banning started because certain books made different people or different groups of people feeling challenged, uncomforted, offended, etc. In other words, these books were engaging to the reader, pushed them to their limits, and really made them think about what they were reading. This is exactly what readers should want out of a book. Instead of embracing the books, many decide to get rid of it and do not want to be challenged or forced to step outside of their little, comfortable box they have for themselves. This issue of book banning is something that has gone on long enough and needs to end right now. Books are something that should be cherished and protected, not banned. Books are a very important part of today’s society and should not ever be banned. The act of book banning could prove beneficial to the society because it could keep the students and youth of our culture away from books with a bad influence or things that would not help them in any way, shape, or form. “If a book is deemed offensive, some may argued, that it is promoting ideas which can have a detrimental influence on individuals (often children) and on society as a whole” (Aliprandini, Sprague 2016). This quote proves that those who believe that book banning is a good idea have valid reasons to believe so. Although books should not be banned, there is solid evidence that proves otherwise. The idea that
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