Book Burnings : The Causes Of Book Burnings Throughout History

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Throughout History there have been hundreds of book burnings all over the world. All the way back, in the days of ancient China, there was an Emperor that burned books and scrolls about history and philosophy, and even went as far as to bury scholars alive to hide the information in the text. However, book burnings are not always an event of ancient history, and they’re not always so far away either. Here, in the United States, in 2010 a small church group in Gainesville Florida threw hundreds of copies of the Koran in a pile and set them on fire as commemoration of the 9/11 terrorist attack, despite being warned not to. Though I'm sure the people burning the books may give you a list of reasons for doing so, but in the end a great majority of these book burnings were fueled by people's hatred and inability to accept one another's differences. The violent acts that are all too often paired with these book burnings shows how passionate certain groups can hate another. In recent years the infamous terrorist group known as ISIS has burned hundreds of books that they see as evil, and against their Militaristic Ideology, but with this atrocity they have also been known to set bombs off in churches, gun down innocent people, and tear down historic statues as an attack on those with differing views from their own. Book burnings have also been committed by another well known group of murderous men, The fascist German party known all too well by the people of Europe, the
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