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We begin with a ritual, one that summons a scary demon from another realm. And we mean scary—we're talking about the fear demon, Agramon. And who has summoned him? Why our Big Bad voodoo Daddy, Valentine, who's still lurking around searching for ways to wreak havoc.

Elsewhere in Manhattan, Jace, Alec, and Isabelle are blowing off steam by blowing the limbs off demons. They return home, to the Institute, and learn that their mother, Maryse, has returned from Alicante, where she was during the whole first book. She's mad at Jace, and she didn't even bring them any presents. Not even a lousy snow globe.

Maryse tells Jace that she believes he's been working for Valentine this whole time. She wants him to swear that he hasn't, and that he hates
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Jace is good at that, so he just jumps right out of the cage, gathers some weapons, and jumps out the window of the Institute just as Clary coincidentally happens to be driving by with Luke.

By this point, everyone finally realizes that Valentine is the main enemy and they all need to stop bickering with one another. Forces united, they storm Valentine's boat. Clary paints the Fearless Rune on Jace and then, of course, gets captured by a demon and dropped right into Valentine's lair. There, she learns from Maia that Simon has been killed. Again. Tough break, kid.

Jace reaches the boat, defeats the Fear demon (the Fearless Rune basically being scissors to the Fear Demon's paper) finds Simon's body, and lets Simon feed off him, bringing him back to life. Together, Jace and Simon find Clary and go after Valentine.

Clary uses her super-duper Open Rune that opens the boat right up and it sinks like a lead weight. In the Epilogue, we find out that vampire Simon + Jace's magical angel blood = immune to sunlight. Jace finally tells Clary that they shouldn't be bumpin' and grindin' because they're siblings, and a mysterious stranger appears on the book's final page to tell Clary that her mother is in a magical coma… but she knows how to wake
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