Book Critique -- Paul, the Spirit, and the People of God

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Blank PLESAE GO DOWN TO NEXT PAGE FOR THE BEGINNING. LIBERTY UNIVERSITY PAUL, THE SPIRIT, AND THE PEOPLE OF GOD GORDON FEE, AUTHOR A BOOK SUMMARY AND INTERACTION SUBMITTED TO DR. DANIEL MITCHELL IN PARTIAL FULFILLMENT OF THE REQUIREMENTS FOR THE COURSE THEO530, SYSTEMATIC THEOLOGY LIBERTY BAPTIST THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY BY EDDIE H FINCH – 22458150 LYNCHBURG, VA THEURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 19, 2013 1 In Paul, the Spirit, and the People of God, Gordon Fee outlines a theology of the Spirit in the Divine Trinity, the basis within Scripture for the experience of the Spirit, and the interaction of the two. Fee, a Pentecostal scholar, “redefines the terms of discussion about the Holy Spirit in a way that transcends today’s…show more content…
Finally, his call to know and experience God in a “vitally Trinitarian” way by the Spirit captures the very essence of Paul’s ministry and encapsulates the entire thesis of the book. Fee completes his writings with his own conclusion: “The Spirit must be reinstated into the Trinity, where he has never been excluded in our creeds and liturgies, but has been practically excluded from the experienced life of the church.” Moreover, he argues that the very nature of the Triune God, as being three yet one, must become the character of the church both in its oneness and in its function, by the very application of the Spirit’s threefold work of the Trinity. Without this experience, the witness of the churches to the Resurrection today will remain generally ineffective in comparison with the witness of the early Christians, though they lived in a culture very similar to ours. As the title of Fee’s book emphasizes, we are meant to find God’s Spirit empowering for us in the present era while at the same time awaiting the consummation of Christ’s final return. INTERACTION: FEE/ST. AUGUSTINE As we look at the writings of both St. Gregory and Gordon Fee, we see both similarities and differences. While Fee places more emphasis on the Holy Spirit in connection with Paul’s ministry, St. Gregory uses his eloquence to specifically defend the concept of the Holy Spirit 4 against the heresy of fellow clergy who deny the third person of the Trinity. Gregory states his
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