Book Critique The New Deal

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Book Critique of New Deal Or Raw Deal

The author of New Deal or Raw Deal the book that I have chosen to critique is Dr. Burton Folsom Jr. It was published by Threshold Editions in New York, New York in November of 2009. In this book he examines and explains the horrific,massive federal spending under FDR and the New Deal plan during the late 1930s. Also, Folsom has a solid resume and is a very well known author. He has written several different books one of the most popular ones being The Myth of The Robber Barons. Folsom has also received his Bachelor's in History from Indiana University, his masters in History from the University of Nebraska, and his Ph.D in American history from the University of Pittsburgh.

I think New Deal or Raw Deal is a very informative book and has some information in it the common man would not know about FDR and his New Deal. I also thought it was a good book overall that was very well written and extremely detailed. One thing that was expressed in the book that I thought was very interesting and something that the average person would not know is that the truth about the New Deal is that FDR knew little about how businesses operated at all and was
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The things that FDR brought to the table of americans during the depression did get america out of the depression, but it came with a cost. At the time nobody thought of the long term hurt the New Deal program could cause because of the temporary relief everyone was experiencing. This again is a very vivid point made by Dr. Folsom many times throughout the book. FDR is still to this day one of if not the most influential president of the 20th century. The New Deal no matter the negative effects it caused in the long run will always be remembered as what removed america from one of the worst times it has ever seen and it was all due to Franklin Delanor
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