Book Guide For Learning Html5 Or Css3

852 WordsMay 7, 20164 Pages
If you’ve ever walked into a bookstore and saw a “How To” book guide for learning HTML5 or CSS3, then you probably have seen the few hundred-page filled books without illustrations and really hard to get examples. Well I’m here to change all of that for you! I know that it can be frustrating or boring to look at pages and pages of text-filled descriptions that explain measly concepts as if they were rocket-science – that is why I’ve created this book. There’s one plain and simple fact that you should know – it’s possible for anyone to learn how to program in HTML and CSS and I want to show you how! You can learn interactively with both full-color descriptions along with vivid and concise details about the project at hand. You will also have plenty of lifetime benefits and carry a skill with you that you can use for the rest of your life! Project Based Course You’ll learn from my book how to build a real website from the bottom up. We’ll create a website designated for this course to give you the basic comprehension and understanding of HTML, CSS and a dash of jQuery. You’ll learn how to build beautiful, interactive and responsive websites with EASE! We’ll work on your website from the very beginning, starting from scratch, from a drafting stage to the final web-ready design that will be viewable on all platforms including - Windows (PC/Mobile), - Mac OS X, - iOS (iPad/iPhone), - Android (PC/Tablet/Phone), - And many more! Streamlined Course Material With illustrative,
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