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The Book of Acts, God’s Work, and the Church’s Witness Today
The book of Acts narrates the fascinating story of the growth of the church during the decades that followed the death of Jesus Christ. The Lord Jesus spent his final days on earth commissioning his followers to carry to the world the good news of his atoning death and victorious resurrection (Mt 28.18-20; Mk 16.15-18; Lk 24.45-49; Jn 20.21; Acts 1.8).
The Holy Spirit in Acts: The baptism of the Holy Spirit
The book of Acts establishes the pattern that the Holy Spirit is imparted to genuine believers at the time of their conversion. This pattern is reinforced in several ways. Jesus foretold the imparting of the Holy Spirit to believers before His ascension, a fact that Luke was
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When Peter was filled with the Holy Spirit he boldly proclaimed Jesus as Christ to the Jewish leaders (4:8ff). When Paul was filled with the Spirit he confronted a sorcerer who was hindering the cause of evangelism (13:9ff). The early church recognized the importance of designating faithful, Spirit-filled men to carry out the Lord’s work. The Jerusalem church refused to delegate food distribution to men who were less than Spirit-filled and wise (6:2-6). In addition, it selected Barnabas as its representative to Antioch because of his spirituality…show more content…
The book of Acts is a remarkable work of history and theology. As Luke wrote to Theophilus and the early church, he highlighted the vital importance of spreading the gospel of the kingdom of God through their witness to the nations of the earth in the power of the Holy Spirit. As we apply these same lessons to our lives today, we too should dedicate ourselves to the kingdom of God, looking forward to the day that Christ will return with joyful

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