Book Of Genesis Essay

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The book of genesis focuses on a number of characters, including Adam, Eve, Noah, Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Rebekah, Jacob and Joseph. This first book of the Law and of the entire bible was written, in my opinion, to demonstrate God’s creation of the world and to demonstrate His love for everything he brought into the world.

God had created the origin of life and showed how powerful, and creative he was. He had created materialistic things out of nonmaterial things. He just spoke and created with his powerful voice. In my opinion, Genesis focused on power and patriarchy as well as sin and failure presented by Adam and Eve’s original sin. Man had alienated themselves due their failures, which is also presented in the book of Genesis. God created us for blessings and chose us to be a blessing to the world. Genesis reveals how a man’s sins are met by the intervention and redemption of God himself.


In the second book of Moses, “Exodus” the main
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It shows the Israelites were the “chosen” people of God, since He led them away from captivity into the “promise land.” God was finally fulfilling his promise to his people for them to have their own land in which they could live without being ruled by non-Israelites. Another possible importance to the Jews could be that it shows all the non-Jews that the Jew’s God is all knowing and all powerful and he always has a plan. Even though the Jews struggled for many years, their God had a plan for them and He never forgot the promise he made to them. Another reason could be to show that their God will protect over them, using his holy powers to give them that protection. A great example of this was the sending of plagues into Egypt because the Pharaoh would not release God’s people. Then after the release, allowing Moses to part the waters so the Israelites could escape and not be recaptured or
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