Book One City Project Analysis

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One book one city projects have recently become a big hit in many cities in the U.S. The one book one city project is very similar to it’s name, one city or town will come together and adopt one book for the community to read over the summer. Many cities have thought of the one book one city projects as a way to bring their community together and to promote reading and education. The city of Denver recently decided to try the one book one city project. Mayor Hickenlooper of Denver commented in article, “We hope to build a stronger sense of connectivity”. New York proved that not all cities can benefit from this project. The New York times shared New York’s inability to make a decision on what book to read, they then quickly…show more content…
The city of Fort Morgan would benefit from having multiple one book one city projects for different age groups, with Enrique's journey as the book for an older group. Some of the many reasons why this would be beneficial for our town are that the different books for different age groups could give everyone the chance to read a book at their level, It will allow people of the same age to connect with each other, and it will promote education throughout the summer. For the one book one city project to be the most beneficial to Fort Morgan we would need many age groups and different books for each of those groups. Throughout our community their are people of many different ages. Though a person's age does not define their ability, different ages show different signs of maturity and intelligence. In an article published in the Wall Street Journal it says, “ the results showed that our intellectual capacities…show more content…
Reading is a way to enhance learning and thinking ability. According to,reading “gives your brain a workout in multiple complex cognitive functions”. Reading books as a community will also promote the public library, who will help in the carrying out of this project. Just going to the library to get the book can increase people’s interest in the other books there as well. Books like Enrique's Journey will help broaden the perspective of many people and will increase the community's ability to embrace any new cultures and people that move to Fort
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