Book Publishers and eBooks

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At the moment B&N and many other book publishers are changing their business models to compete with the eBook technology which is rising .The uproar in price and demand of eBook technology has made it quite difficult for many book publishers to maintain a profitable margin. This has caused many book stores to change to their business model. The new method they have approached is the value chain model and the Porters competitive model this big change will help the companies achieve their goal in stay open in the competitive market force. Book publishers are currently moving slowly and are attempting to maintain a steady company by dropping the price on books to increase the amount of consumer’s purchasing the product .The value chain model is heavily influenced in the new change of the business and the direction it will be heading. The model is based on Firm infrastructure, as these companies have been analysing one another’s companies to gain a competitive advantage. An example of B&N would be analysing Amazons electronic reader and electronic book whilst being able to copy the method but at the same time persuade the customers to stay loyal with these businesses. B&N have also been using inbound logistics method which is to invest into the share market in stocks which allow them to control the inventory of books and to warehouse many of the products or materials needed to create physical books. Many companies are allows adapting and developing technology, now many

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