Book Reflection : Just Mercy, By Bryan Stevenson

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Jasmine Anderson
Professor Brittny Byrom
English 1101
29 August 2017
Just Mercy Book Reflection Just Mercy is a book about a lawyer, Bryan Stevenson, that works as an attorney to try and defend those individuals that were wrongly convicted. The victims that he’s working for are all on death row for either something they didn’t do or something they had no wrong intentions on when they did it. Stevenson tried to use mercy in the courts to try and make the justice system dismiss his clients’ cases. Even though the crimes that were committed were technically wrong, Stevenson always seemed to find the good in his clients. All the victims that he was defending had a clean background and came from a poor background. By choosing these people to …show more content…

Many people tried, but they didn’t get very far with it. Majority of the people that tried to go against the judicial system were either poor, or African American, so their words didn’t matter to the judicial system.
After months of frustration, failure, and growing public scorn, Sheriff Thomas Tate, ABI lead investigator Simon Benson, and the district’s attorney investigator, Larry Ikner decided to arrest Walter McMillan based primarily on Ralph Myer’s allegation. They hadn’t yet done much investigation into McMillan, so they decided to arrest him on a pretextual charge while they built their case (Stevenson 47).
I read that the system charged McMillan with this crime because they had nobody else to blame it on and the public was getting restless. In this case, the police department had too much power that they didn’t know how to or didn’t want to properly use. By installing the theme of systemic power into this memoir, Stevenson most definitely informed the uninformed, and most likely even made some people want to challenge the system. Throughout his writing, he appealed to the audience’s ethos, logos, and pathos. He used ethos throughout the book by including credible sources, such as himself. Logic was used a plethora of times throughout the writing where he included many statistics and factual statements, such as “Spending on jails and prisons by state and federal

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