Book Report : ' A & P '

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As a reader, I absolutely fell in love the “A&P” story, the content was surreal and hilarious. Another reason I liked the book is because of the order it was written and how every part of the story led with even more excitement than the previous part. The way I responded to the work isn’t any different on how I felt about the book; I found the book to be quite amazing. Although after reading the book for the second and third time, the buildup excitement of the book went down because I already knew what was to come next. My view of the book certainly did not change. It takes guts for someone to quit their job for a lady whom he never meets again, if you ask me. In the story, three girls, Queenie, The Girl in the Plaid Bikini, and The Tall Girl walked into the store with mothing but their bathing suits, looking like they just came back from the beach, in search for a snack for Queen i’s mother. As they were walking in the store, two cashiers stared at the girls, the first one named Stokesie, who is the oldest one, and the other cashier in the checkout lane named Sammy, dramatically falls in love with one of the girls instantaneously. He was so deeply in love even without meeting the young lady, that he could not even focus and do his job properly. Once the ladies found the item, they went to the checkout lane that the Sammy works in. As the girls walked up to the lane, their eyes both met while he grabbed the item, just gazing into each other’s eyes; one would assume what

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