Book Report : ' Bye Mom '

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“Bye mom,” I said as I started out the front door on my way to school.
“Bye honey, have a nice day,” she said with her happy voice.
“Hopefully it is,” I said walking away.
Before I entered the school, I took a deep breath. I said to myself, “Kelly, today is going to be a good day.” I entered.
There he was, the boy named Max. He was the meanest person in the whole school. Everybody was scared of him. He was tall, brown-haired, and a very good football player. He was massive. He even had his own crew. I made the mistake of looking into his eyes. His eyes told it all.
“Today is going to be a bad day for you.” Max could sense my fear as he said that with spite.
After school, I went outside. I was just talking to my friend when I heard the
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I thought about calling mom and then remembered that I didn’t have my phone with me. It was in my backpack. Ugh! Could this day get any worse? I thought to myself.
When I didn’t show up at home, mom came to the school looking for me. She found my backpack and entered the school. I could hear her screaming my name in the distance, “Kelly. Kelly,” as if she knew I might be in trouble. I could hear her, but because of how faint her voice was, I was still afraid to come out. I didn’t want to risk facing Max and the crew. She kept calling my name and I could tell she was getting closer. I risked it.
I opened the door and immediately yelled, “I’m right here, mom,” as loud as I could. She found me and I ran into her comforting arms.
“I’m sorry, mom. There was a boy here named Max and his crew. They said that they’d get me if I came out.”
Max and the crew were nowhere in sight. As I walked away, I was thinking, “Did they stick around? If I had come out of the bathroom, what would 've happened to me?”
That night, when I finally fell asleep, I found myself dreaming. I was at school and Max came up to me and said, “You escaped this time. Next time, your mom will not be there to save you.” Max began laughing as he walked away.
I woke up scared and screaming, “Stop. Stop. Stop.” Even though I knew this was only a dream, and I had beaten this time, I had the feeling that Max and his crew would never stop. I went back to sleep.
I woke, my heart beating
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