Book Report-Caribbean Civilization (Beyond Massa ) 2014

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Aleema Chinchamee
Aakeil Murray
FOUN1101: Caribbean Civilization
14 November 2014
Beyond Massa: Sugar Management in the British Caribbean, 1770-1834.
Dr. John Campbell is a lecturer at the University of the West Indies; St. Augustine campus. He specializes on Caribbean civilization and culture. In this book, “Beyond Massa: Sugar Management in the British Caribbean, 1770-1834”, he aims to describe the complexity of the relationship between the enslaved and their masters, as well as providing a revisionist perspective based on the evidence, which contradicts many previous and present conclusions made about slavery. He used present day analysis to analyze these past events. The main setting of the book was the Golden Grove sugar estate and
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This helped augment production by eliminating these problems. Differentiating between production and labor by handling them with different methods was one of the many important objectives of the HRM. Dr. John F. Campbell said, “Labor is a complex input. It can sometimes, be forced to work” (15) and also, “Productivity, however, unlike labor, cannot be forced” (15). With respect to labor and finding ways to help improve the labor of the enslaved, ways to persuade and collaborate with the enslaved and provide better services for them was used to help labor and production. Before the implementation of these HRM approaches the enslaved people were considered “chattel”, not people. In order to improve production and labor the estate manager, Simon Taylor for example had to begin to recognize that these enslaved people were humans and should be treated that way. By improving the working conditions of the enslaved, they established a more comfortable working environment therefore; level of labor they provided would have been to their best abilities. These new approaches of the HRM can be seen as the stepping stones for slavery, from going to “chattel slavery” to a more humanizing way of having the enslaved people work as people and not objects. It is astonishing that Dr. Campbell was able to provide the

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