Book Report : Escaping North Korea

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Book Review: Escaping North Korea

In writing Escaping North Korea Mike Kim brought to light the struggles North Koreans face in North Korea, then escaping, and seeking asylum. Kim, before working on the China-Korea boarder, had his own financial planning business but one trip to China changed his world drastically. After hearing the stories of North Korean refugees, Kim found his calling to help these refugees escape a tyrant leadership and create a new life for themselves. Kim in writing Escaping North Korea described his experiences in aiding these refugees escape a repressive country. Escaping North Korea addresses the aspects of life in North Korea that led for them to escape, the problems they face once crossing to China and the struggles they face when seeking asylum. North Korea is highly known for its isolationist position in the world which has caused many problems for the country. North Korea experienced a great famine in the 1990s that led to the mass malnourishment of the North Korean citizens. Which is evident in the picture of North Korean refugee with her bones very pronounced and with no meet on her bones. Death by starvation has taken its toll on the North Korean population, which was already low to begin with. For instance, “In 1995 about 500,000 people starved to death…In 1996, about one million people are estimated to have starved to death … In 1997 about two million people will starve to death if no international aid is provided”. The high death…

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