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AP World History A History Of The World In 6 Glasses 1. The consequences of agricultural revolution was a turning point. Civilizations began focusing on making surpluses rather than producing new food and crafts. They became more modern. (pg.20) 2. The archaeological evidence that supports the cultivation, harvesting, storage and processing of cereal grains is since there weren't any other foodstuff to makes soup they were able to make a thick porridge or a thin broth or gruel. This discovery led to the creation of tools and techniques to collect, process, and store grain. (pg.11-12) 3.…show more content…
The service depended on your social class, you drank your own wine however way you liked it. In a Greek symposion everyone was equal, you drank sine from a shared krater.You could sit anywhere and it didn't matter if you were poor or rich.(pg.77-78) 4. In christianity wine was a miracle. Wine drinking in christianity was a form of sacred communion. In Islam alcohol was an abomination divided by satan. It is a distraction from daily prayers to god. It leads to other sinful doings like gambling prohibition of alcohol in Islam.(pg.87) 5. Wine drinking predominates in the South of Europe. In the north of Europe beyond the reach of roman rule. Today, the worlds leading producers of wine are France, Italy, and Spain. Beer is drank in Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, the Czech Republic, Britain, and Ireland.(pg.89) 6. Greek and Roman cultures had an impact on modern day american and European culture. They passed on architecture and literature. They also passed down law and christianity. Chapter 5 1. One of the many acheivments of the arabs was a technique that gave rise to a new range in drinks(distillation). It involved vaporizing and then re-condensing a liquid in order to separate and purify its constituent parts. The Greeks became familiar with this technique, it became dominant. European explorers established colonies and then empires around the world. 2. Prince Henry becoming the

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