Book Report Looking For Alaska

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In Looking for Alaska, by John Green, We meet the character Miles Halter, who they call Pudge. Miles becomes a new student at Culver Creek Preparatory School in Birmingham, Alabama, where he meets his roommate Chip Martin, who they call the Colonel. Chip introduces Miles to his friends Takumi Hikohito, Lara Buterskaya, and the elegant, secretive Alaska Young. The night before he starts at his new school with his new friends, Miles is kidnapped from his bed, ducked taped and thrown in the schools lake. The Colonel promises Pudge that they will get revenge on the Weekend Warriors, who is known as the wealthy students who leave every weekend. Pudge grows close to his friends and learns that trust is an important element for their friendship, that’s when Pudge learns that Alaska snitched on her roommate from…show more content…
While Chip and Alaska are drinking they attempt to play truth or dare. Where Pudge is dared to make out with Alaska. During the time they are making out they fall asleep. Then Alaska receives a phone call, after the phone call she runs back in crying and begs Pudge and the Colonel to set off fireworks so she can leave. She gets away with getting caught. The next morning the Mr. Starnes, comes to the boy’s room to that them that Alaska has died in a car accident. They both try for months and months to find out how Alaska died when they remembered that the day she left was the day her mother past away and she had forgot, which would make her want to leave. They still never found out if it was an accident or suicide. TO remember Alaska they pull the greatest prank known to Culver Creek. They invite a stripper for their speaker’s day. As Lara yells over the speaker for him to strip, Mr. Starnes stops him but the he knows it’s a way for Pudge and them of remembering Alaska and they don’t get in trouble. In the end Pudge finally accepts Alaska’s death and knows that everyone will always remember
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