Book Report : Mobilizing Communities

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Julie Boyette
AGIN 5333
Dr. Shida Henneberry
27 July 2015
Book Report: Mobilizing Communities Mobilizing Communities is a compendium of case studies written about using asset building as a community development strategy. Rather than organizing people around needs or problems, this strategy asks communities to identify and advance a plan based upon strengths (Ennis 405). John Kretzmann and John McKnight pioneered the language of asset-based community development (ABCD) - a series of community unifying stages, which promote sustainable growth through recognition of assets: the “gifts, skills, and capacities of individuals, associations, and institutions within a community” (Green and Goetting 4). This definition is built upon throughout the text and comes to include: culture, politics, infrastructure, and financial and natural resources (97-98). ABCD is collaborative rather than conflict-oriented; it asserts that investing in people provides an “internally focused, community driven” approach (Booth 2015). There are several methodologies for assessment which promote ABCD; however, there is no consensus on parameters - none of these is required for asset building. and all can be used simultaneously. During the assessment stage, there are interview techniques which can be deployed to map the social landscape of a community. One-on-one, peer-to-peer, and group interviews are all encouraged methods of gathering the necessary data (Green and Goetting 7). Further,…

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