Book Report : Most Dangerous Game Written By Richard Connell

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Survival is a theme seen throughout the four texts investigated. The so called definition of the word survival is “the state or fact of continuing to live or exist, typically in spite of an accident, ordeal, or difficult circumstances.” This definition changes a bit when you link it to the four texts. I believe survival is doing something out of the ordinary to survive an experience/event. Each text has a protagonist who is forced to survive an out of the ordinary moment whilst under significant stress and pressure. The four texts: Most Dangerous Game written by Richard Connell (Written text) - Hunger Games written by Suzanne Collins (Visual text) - Berlin Boxing Club written by Robert Sharenow (Written text) - Winter 's Bone written by…show more content…
Karl and Ree are both left to fend for themselves during points in the text, often having to look after siblings as well. Both came out alive, these events they have endured show their significant survival skills. Events such as Karl having to survive as a Jew during the Nazi Era is significant in itself, let alone keeping Hildy safe. Ree also had to play the adult role with her two younger siblings, as her parents were rather non-existent throughout the text. These particular quotes really show Ree’s attitude towards life and how it deteriorates. Originally Ree is a hopeful young woman and this shows in her responses, Sonny: “Maybe we should ask”, Ree: “Never ask for what oughta be offered”. Ree gives these words of wisdom to her brother, when he suggests asking their neighbors and relatives for food. Ree’s response shows a significant aspect of the Dolly family code that they live by. However Ree’s optimism deteriorates as she realises the situation is worsening, Megan: What are we ever gonna do with you, baby girl? Ree: Kill me I guess. Megan: That idea 's been said already. Got any others? Ree: Help me. Nobody 's said that idea yet, have they? Ree’s response shows the scenario she now finds herself in, helpless and stressed. The extremities the two were under are shown when you ask yourself, could you survive without parents? In below average living conditions? During the Nazi era

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