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The origins of what is now the international fast food corporation Burger King, began in 1953 in Jacksonville Florida as Insta-Burger King. Inspired by the recent success of the McDonalds Corporation, Founders/Owners Matthew Burns and Keith Kramer searched for their own gimmick to kick start their business. They found that Gimmick in two pieces of machines called “Insta-Broilers”. The Machines were the cornerstone of the original few stores, and where required in all stores to broil Burgers. After a year of slow business, the company was sold to Miami, Florida franchisees David Edgerton and James Mclamore in 1954. Their first issue of business was to change the company name to simply Burger King. Then the two began a complete corporate restructure of the company, eventually expanding the company to 250 locations nationwide over an 8 year tenure. Burger King was then sold to Pillsbury Company 1967. In 1978 Burger King made an attempt to revamp the company’s structure, by hiring former McDonalds executive Donald Smith. Smith purposed that the company make many changes including, revamped menus, updated franchise agreements, and changing the look and logo to look more modern. The Company was sold three more times after poor performance next to its top competitor, McDonalds. The third time it was sold to investors led by TPG Capital for $1.5 billion in 2002. TPG then took the company public in 2005, where it was initially publically…

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