Book Report On Eric Ross

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Today I was finally granted a day off from work. The first place I knew I would head, after sleeping in, would be to the coffee house down on 1st Avenue. The leaves were just starting to fall outside. Soon winter would be here. The smell of fresh brewed coffee invaded my nose as I stepped inside the door. I walked up to the counter and viewed the numerous amount of tasty treats they had on display today. I ordered a double chocolate muffin with a caramel latte and then sat down on my most loved couch with my sketchbook and pencils. This couch had a lot of memories. Memories of me planning the kill and over analyzing every aspect of it to the memories of me and him cuddling on this couch to a cup of coffee and a good book. Eric Ross was in…show more content…
I decided I would do a little research on him. How could I be so oblivious? The signs were all there, and I was so blind to them. I overwhelmed with the feeling of being used and manipulated. He was the man of my dreams till now. A tear trickled down my cheek as I read the article on some of his history. It wasn’t a tear of complete sadness. This tear was a mixture of anger, sorrow and desperation. Little did I know, he had been married for three years to the woman who gave birth to his child 12 years prior. After more digging, I came across an article about his wife. A year after they got married, they found her dead in the bathroom of his million dollar mansion. She had committed suicide by slitting her veins open on her wrists. She had left a note expressing her feelings about him straying the path from their marriage. So he isn’t cheating now, but he has before. Why is it such a big deal now that he can’t introduce me to his family? Maybe even just his daughter? It was time for Eric and I to have a chat about what was going on between us. So I decided that the next day I would pay him a visit. ************* I made sure I had on my most form fitting outfit that would accentuate my curves. He’ll be putty in my hands. On my way to work I started running through ways I was going to bring it up. Maybe by just asking him about past relationships would be the best way? Or what he thought about kids someday? Eventually
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