Book Report On Ethical Decision Making

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Hamed Alanazi
Book Report
Ethical decision-making 10th edition

Ethics The book I chose is “Business ethics: Ethical decision-making” 10th edition is written by O. C. Ferrell, John Fraedrich, Ferrell. It was published by Cengage Learning in 2014. This book consists of almost 340 pages and five parts. According to Amazon this book is among top seller. Something extraordinary about this book is that, this book highlight several cases related to the business ethics that help the reader to develop better understanding of how to solve several ethical issues in different situations. The authors O. C. Ferrell, John Fraedrich, Ferrell hold remarkable credibility. O.C. Ferrell is a Ph. D. from Louisiana State University. He is also a distinguished professor of at Belmont University. Recently he have served nine years as Creative Enterprise Scholar and marketing professor at University of New Mexico. He is also a past president Academic Council of the American Marketing Association and also takes hold of American Marketing Association Ethics Committee twice. O. C. Ferrell has published more than 100 articles and is co-author of 20 books. Fraedrich 's also had distinction of one of the top 50 professors of marketing ethics, who were selected for International Consortium on Ethics and Social Responsibility. He wrote and published 50 articles all on his own. On the global level, he helped the business ethics dialogue by being invited as the business ethics
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