Book Report On Hatchet

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I am currently reading Hatchet by Gary Paulsen. So far in the book the main character Brian has been sent to his dad’s for the summer, but his plane crashes along the way. The pilot dies and Brian is left in the Canadian wilderness and must fend for himself. He has made a shelter, a fire and found food. Brian is very brave, intelligent and resourceful. These qualities will let him survive in the wild. Brian does not have a very good relationship with his mother at the moment. Brian had seen his mother with a man other than his father and it caused a divorce. Throughout the book he repeats the words divorce, The Secret, fights and split often because it’s what bothers him the most. The divorce made Brian very angry and annoyed with his mother because she had been keeping secrets from him. At the start of the book when Brian’s mother is driving him to the airport he does not talk to her or look at her. Brian’s mother doesn’t know what he saw and Brian finds it hard to talk to her about it. Later on, he seems to blame
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After he crashes, even though he knows things are not going his way he retains a positive attitude and keeps busy. This is a very smart and important move when trying to survive, any doubting will finish you. Brian is very strong mentally because he manages to keep positive after he sees his mother with a man other than his father, his parents divorce, his pilot dies and he gets stranded in the forest. I don’t think most people could cope with all that, I don’t think I could cope well with all that. Not only is he strong mentally but he is also strong physically. After a crash most people would be hurt and discouraged but he is up and moving the next day. He knows to get food, water and a shelter asap. By the third day he had made a proper shelter, a fire for warmth and a fire for signaling, found food and started planning next
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