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After the Fact: Scripts and Postscripts Book Report After the Fact: Scripts and Postscripts is a conversation held between Marvin Bell and Christopher Merrill. Marvin Bell became the first poet-laureate of Iowa and taught the Iowa Writer’s Workshop for forty years. After retiring, he became an emeritus faculty member and he continued to have lectures at various universities. Christopher Merrill is the director of the University of Iowa’s International Writing Program. He also conducted cultural diplomacy missions in over thirty countries for the U.S. State Department. Their conversation is structured in a series of paragraphs over a fifteen-month time period from the year of 2011 to 2012. The paragraphs were stylistically written in prose for the reason that it could “better embody a wide range of experience and imagination” (Bell and Merrill, 9). This book offers the perspective of two different worlds: international and domestic. As Merrill writes from Uruguay, Chile, Russia, Afghanistan, Zimbabwe and more, since he undertook cultural diplomacy missions from the State Department, Bell writes from Iowa, New York, and Washington. The paragraphs are not completely responses to each other, rather, they are their own stories that have a few intertwining words or feelings that encourage the response. For example, Bell titled a paragraph “9/11/01” while Merrill titled his responding paragraph “9/11/11”. While Bell spoke of the editing and erasing of the images of the World

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