Book Report On Sparks

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I. People will do stupid things but soon realize what is really right. Sparks,by Graham Namee,chapter book, that takes place in elementary school. Todd was in special needs with his best friend Eva, but Todd gets to go to a normal fifth grade class now and is trying to be normal. Todd wanted to be normal so badly he blocked out Eva and his relationship but soon realized that was wrong and that he needs Eva.

II. Todd impressed me by after he made a mistake he fixed it even if he would be made fun of.Todd went the wrong way when he decided to block out Eva but soon realized that he needed her and because their friendship was so big and that’s all that matters. For example“I came to see her and who cares who knows any more?” That shows how much Todd has changed over the book in the beginning he didn’t want to be seen with her because he was embarrassed but at the end of the book he didn't care what other people think she is his friend.Throughout the story Todd couldn’t get Eva out of his head because he started thinking about all the good times they had together.In addition he started thing about when they were playing with his mouse and Eva said “Try a sunflower seed” and his mouse came out.They had many times like that that’s because they were best
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Todd learned that friendship is more important than being cool/normal.Todd was unsure about his decision to not hang out with Eva but he kept telling himself that she will make the kids think i'm still “Brain dead”.”Todd said It’s just im not in her class any more.””Everybody will think i'm still brain dead.”Todd believes Eva makes him look dumb because she is still in the needs class and he’s not. Todd also asked his mom to lie to Eva when she called for Todd, but she wouldn’t, he had to stand outside so his mom could say he was out somewhere. He tried not to think about her but he couldn't because he saw her through his classroom window. Hence, Todd can’t stop thinking about her because he needs
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