Book Report On ' Surrounded By Happiness '

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Surrounded By Happiness My exhibit is called Surrounded by Happiness, to show how happiness can depend on our surroundings. Although happiness can come from a color, location, and doing the things we love; the one thing that makes happiness almost universal is being surrounded by people and things who can help bring out the happiness within us. When we are accompanied by someone who is cheerful and has positive energy, it rubs off and in turn, makes the people surrounding them happy too. It is simple to find happiness and sometimes the littlest things can bring happiness to us and often times it is taken for granted in our daily lives. The theme of this exhibit is to show how people can contribute to daily happiness even when it’s just from their attitude, energy, and presence. Also, to show how it is important to know who and what we surround ourselves with and how they can affect us. When we are surrounded by people that are positive, cheerful, and fun; it affects everyone around us. In The Cordoba Fair, there are two women performing an act that is cheerful, full of energy, and are having fun doing what they love. This makes the audience filled with joy and everyone is seen with a smile on their face. The shades of blue and red on their clothing add to the cheerful mood of the painting. This illustrates the theme of happiness by showing how being surrounded by a group of different people can contribute a
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