Book Report On The Book ' The Night '

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Today is September 1st, 1939 in Holland. Right now I’m going to be writing a book, it is going to be really good. I wish it would be published so that lots of people could read it and enjoy it. Once I’m finished with my book I will lend a copy to my good friends the Franks. The Franks are, Otto Frank, Edith Frank, Margot Frank, and Anne Frank. So it’s 1:00 in the afternoon and while I was in the middle of writing my book I was interrupted by a loud, BANG! Then there were even more loud noises and I started to think that they were gunshots, so I looked at my window and i saw a Jew laying on the ground dead and next to him was a Nazi with a rifle. I quickly ran over to the Frank’s House to see if they heard the shots and they did. Every single one of us started wondering why they would kill Jews. We knew it was because of Adolf Hitler, he is in control of the Nazis. Everyday now for the past week there has been at least one killing of a Jew. I started to think that we were going to be in a war with the Germans. The next day seven Jews were shot and killed and lots of people were being taken to a place called Concentration Camps. It is a horrible place, they hardly feed you, it is just a complete disaster. The Franks are going into this hideout called the Secret Annex, the Secret Annex is hidden in Otto Frank’s business place. The Secret Annex entrance is covered by a moving bookshelf. Also I have to take care of my family too, my son and my husband. So everyday someone has
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