Book Report On ' The Book Thief '

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Katy Flanagan World Lit. Honors The Book Thief Questions 1.Based on the title of the novel The Book Thief I expected the book to be about a person who became involved in stealing books. I imagined it to be about some kind of challenging time where it was not good to have books causing someone to need to steal the books. 2. The narrator of the novel is death. He is sarcastic and gives the book some comic relief when it is an intense part of the novel. Liesel Meminger is the main character. She is a little girl who at first does not like her foster parents but eventually warms up to them and loves them. Hans Hubberman is the father of Liesel. He is compassionate and helps Liesel with her learning. Rosa Hubberman is the new mother of Liesel. She is strict with her and seems very tough. Rudy Steiner is Liesel’s best friend. He wants to be a professional runner and has a huge crush on Liesel. Liesel has a hard time adjusting to her surroundings when she moves in with the Hubberman’s. She is defensive with them at first but then begins to earn their trust and connects with them in a great way. She realizes that books help her not only learn to read and write but also understand more of what is going on around her. She starts stealing books because she is curious and wants to know more. 3. Three minor characters include Max Vandenburg, Frau Hermann, and Tommy Mueller. Max is in hiding form the Nazi’s and goes to the Hubermans for help. He hides in their basement and befriends
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