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Chapter 5 How to Get Him to Stay in Love Now that you have attracted the man of your dreams, it is time to get him to stay in love with you. There are plenty of stories of people falling out of love for various reasons. This normally happens when two people don 't agree with something, or when the equilibrium of the relationship is off in some kind of way. You have to ignite the fire back into your relationship by renewing it sometimes. Do things never done before and trying new stuff. Be innovative and creative. Take a vacation somewhere to breathe new life into your soul. Buy a videogame and and play it with him. Watch a football game or two with him. Read with him. Play sports with him. Just don 't be boring or dull. This can make a…show more content…
Do what 's right. Make a list of the things he likes. The key is keeping him turned on. If a man want to lead, let him lead. If he wants to open the door for you, let him do so. It will make him feel good knowing that he 's making you feel good. There 's a popular song by singer Ginuwine called 'Keep It Real '. He talks about the woman being honest, telling the truth, and saying what 's on her mind and heart. A man can respect a woman who keeps it real . Being real and honest is something a man can really appreciate and will travel to the ends of the earth to show you that honesty matters. Go Above and Beyond Cater to his needs. You don 't have to become a slave or anything like that, but rather show the man that you have his best interest at heart. Men like to be pampered, so if you did this you will definitely get on his good side. You don 't have to be a "Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus" performer, just accentuate simple things that shows him you care. Understand what he likes and use this to please him. Go the extra miles. Be flexible and fun in a sense. Show him a little side of your humor. Let him feel comfortable being around you. It is great if he knows that he can open up to you. Also, be trusting. Show him that you trust him. Don 't judge him, accept him for who he is. Comfort him during a time of need. Men like that too. If he 's feeling bad about something learn how to cheer him up. Encourage him to talk about it
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