Book Report On The Boy Scout Troop

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It was early in the year 2012 when I encountered my first craving for sleep, just before a backpacking excursion. I was one of only two patrol leaders in my Boy Scout Troop, and I wanted to be the best leader. I was hungry for it. My 12 year old brother, Luke, was the other patrol leader and he helped keep a healthy rivalry between our patrols. My patrol’s name was the Golden Grizzlies, and Luke’s patrol name was the Spartans. Previously, the Golden Grizzlies demolished the Spartans in every challenge that was put in front of us, prior our last camping trip.
Luke and I were discussing the upcoming Boy Scout trip to Henry Coe in Stanislaus County during our journey home from a family camping trip. He became exasperated, due to his frustration of losing to the Golden Grizzlies. He ended his next sentence with, “You’ll see, David. This trip, things will be different. The Spartans will eradicate all of the Golden Grizzlies.” As we unpacked, he mumbled about how things were going to change; I started to become concerned and pondered about whether or not my innocent brother would sabotage my patrol.
The night before the trip, we slept at the church that we meet at for our meetings. This is where things really started to degrade. It was one o’clock in the morning and I was beginning my slumber, when Luke and his friend came into the sanctuary where I was “camped-out”. They were both hysterical and had massive tears in their eyes. I sat up, in a rather startled state, and proceeded…
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