Book Report On ' The Cold Blood ' Essay

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Book Report on “In Cold Blood” The story I chose to write my book report on was Truman Capote’s “In Cold Blood.” This is a narrative focused on the murder of the Clutter family in the small Kansas farm town of Holcomb. This four part story explores the Clutter family’s dynamic; the detective of the case, Detective Albert Dewey; the two murders time of being undiscovered; and the time Dick and Perry have on Death Row. The first chapter, titled “The Last to See Them Alive,” begins with introducing the members of the Clutter family through the interviews of friends, family and neighbors. The father, Herb Clutter, is a strict, religious man who prefers to be paid with checks and was the most well known man in Holcomb as he sat as chairman on a farm organization. His wife, Bonnie Clutter, was quiet and kept to herself as she suffered from psychiatric afflictions and stayed in bed a lot, but doctors had told her it was due to a misplaced vertebrae. They had four children, but two daughters had already left the nest. The two children who were still home at the time of the murder were Nancy and Kenyon. Nancy was the ideal perfect daughter, she was a member of the 4-H, maintained straight A’s, class president, and an all around great role model for younger girls when it came to riding, cooking and music. Kenyon was younger than Nancy and was somewhat shy, but extremely intelligent. He liked reading, building and creating things as well as playing his horn or with his dog Teddy.
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