Book Report On The Dragon's Table

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They were two days into their trip to the Dragon 's Table when Chrom noticed a group of cacti he was sure they 'd passed before. He remembered, because it was near where they 'd set up camp for lunch the previous day and Sumia had nearly tripped into one. "Robin," he said after a second, turning his head to look at the tactician, who was holding the map with an air of confidence, "are we doubling back on our route?" "Hm?" Robin looked up, peering into the endless desert as if he could tell one way from the other there. "Of course not." "It 's just that I 'm sure we 've been this way before," he said, indicating the cacti--which, surely Robin would remember that too? "Impossible," was the firm declaration. "It 's just a similar plant,…show more content…
It 's just...I think we...might be...lost?" He hadn 't actually seen Robin ever give someone a look like that, with the exception of someone he was about to draw a Thoron tome on. "We are not lost. We have a map." He peered over at the map, and suddenly noticed something their mapping sessions at night times hadn 't quite conveyed to him. "...Do you know where we are on the map?" Silence. The temperature seemed to drop about fifteen degrees around them, which was actually rather refreshing. "Of course I do," Robin said finally, the same frost in his tone. Feeling as though he was pointlessly jumping in front of a blow, Chrom plowed on recklessly. "Do you know where the Dragon 's Table is on the map?" More silence. There was a very slight tinge of pink to Robin 's cheeks now. "Well..." "All right. Find the nearest village then." Chrom sighed. "I had hoped to do this without alerting the Plegians in any way, but it looks like we 'll need to ask directions." "We don 't need directions," was the immediate objection. "We have a map." "Is the Dragon 's Table on the map?" he asked warily. "Of course it..." Robin trailed off. "That 's not the point! We 'll find it. Look, we don 't need directions." "How are we going to find it if we have no idea where it is?" Chrom demanded. "It 's not even on the map, so we need directions." "Do you trust the map, Chrom?" "What?" At some point, he had become as lost as he knew they
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