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Book XVI: Telemachus comes to the house of Eumaeus, where the servant greets him warmly. In accordance with Athene’s directions, Telemachus asks Eumaeus to go and tell Penelope that her son is home.
Once Eumaeus leaves, Athene appears outside and calls Odysseus out. She turns him back into his normal form, and he goes back into the house. He tells Telemachus who he is. Telemachus, though doubtful at first, eventually accepts that it is Odysseus, his father. The two devise a plan for taking revenge on the suitors. As Eumaeus returns, Athene appears again and turns Odysseus back into an old man in preparation for the plan.
Book XVII: Acting according to their plan, Odysseus asks for Eumaeus to take him to the house of Odysseus so he can beg, and Telemachus orders the swineherd to do it.
Before the two leave, however, Telemachus himself returns to his mother. He goes down to the gathering place, where Theoclymenus is, and she soon joins them. Telemachus tells her about all that happened on his voyage.
Later, Odysseus and Eumaeus come to the house of the former. Eumaeus enters first, and Odysseus soon comes inside. Athene instructs Odysseus to beg for food from each of the suitors to test their character. Though some of the suitors give him food, Antonius harms him. Telemachus is angry, but he listens to his father’s earlier words and does not do anything.
Penelope then asks Eumaeus to bring the beggar to her, so she can question him and see if he knows anything about the…

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