Book Report On Trojan Horse

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Trojan Horse
Alexei finished doing a compile and uploaded the executable code to the test machine. He swiveled around in his chair and faced Ivan.


s it, buddy. Over to you. I think I managed to outdo myself this time. I
got things buried so d eep , there is no damn way Symantec or McAfee is going to get it out, never mind detect it.

Ivan chuckled.

Mr. Smart y - pants , let me be the judge of that.

He shook his finger at Alexei in a sign of admonishment. He swiveled in his chair to another c onsole and started to tap away at the keyboard.


s up

Dmitri strode into the room. He was the brains behind the outfit and always acted the part by wearing a suit. E ven when
Dmitri took off his suit jacket, he never took off his tie.


ve jus t uploaded the new version of the Trojan,

, looking at Dmitri.

If I do say so, this is going to be a good one.

Dmitri smiled.

Good stuff, Alexei.

He turned to Ivan.


re going to put it through its paces?

’ m already on it,

said Ivan without turning around.

I managed to snag ourselves a new contract with a group operating out of Hong Kong. If we can furnish them with email
Trojan Horse
14 addresses and personal information for fifty thousand, they will pay us a good buck. If we manage to give them a hundred thousand, they will give us all a very nice bonus. And when we get more, the scale will go up. Let

s hope this latest effort does the trick as we…
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