Book Report : ' Point Of View '

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Book Report: - Stephanie Evans 7-1

Point of View:
This book was written in 1st person since it used words/phrases like “I said…”, “I wondered…”, “I felt…”. The point of view of the Narrator which was the main character (Lenah) since it was written in 1st person was that even though she was turned into a vampire by a total stranger that soon turned into the love of her life, she still wanted to be human. So when that happened she was happy, but when she was turned back into a vampire, she was furious and depressed. It was obvious that she would stop at nothing to be a human again. I think this because in the book it said that she wanted to be able to feel the softness of the bed when she woke up in the morning, or the feeling when she kissed the one she loved, just like she could do when she was human.

This story begins when Lenah is a Fifteen year old human girl living in the 1400s in Hampstead, England. When she is turned into a vampire for the first time, she then moved to Hathersage, England to live in a castle with the rest of her new vampire coven. Throughout the book as she turns into a human again and joins Wickham School in Lovers Bay Massachusetts, and lives there for many months happy to be back to her human self she has flashbacks to England and to all her adventures as a vampire that date back from the 1600s - 1900s. Then once her coven finds her they immediately took her back to England, it now being 2010. Finally, in the end, the story finishes
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