Book Report : Tangata O Le Moana

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Book Report Over Tangata O Le Moana As an exchange student from the United States of America, I knew next to nothing about New Zealand and its history. When I chose my classes for my semester abroad, I wanted to learn as much as I could about the country that would soon be my home. I decided to take PASI 101 because I knew that there would be no better way to learn about the history and culture of New Zealand. I come from a state that is nowhere near the pacific. I had not met a pacific islander in my lifetime. When I entered my first lecture in PASI 101, I found myself surrounded by people who I knew nothing about, and I became thrilled at the thought that this class would help me understand them. Tangata O Le Moana is the required text for PASI 101. It is about the history, lives, and hardships of the pacific people in New Zealand and the islands. This textbook has helped guide me through the class while also providing a way to help me understand the foreign country that is now my home. Throughout this essay, I will summarize the information that is given throughout the book. Then, I will select a few chapters that changed my way of thinking about the pacific while also giving outside sources that helped further my understanding of these chapters. Finally, I will conclude my report on how and why Tangata O Le Moana helped me have a firm grasp on what pacific heritage means to their people. Tangata O Le Moana is a textbook that includes a variety of essays that cover

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