Book Report : The Death Cure

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Catalina Chacon 4/18/16 Schmidt Book Report: The Death Cure The author of the famous novel,” The Death Cure,” also known as the whole Maze Runner series is James Dashner. In the novel he uses a character who opposes against his society and bringing his group along beside him to face the society all together. In the novel,” The Death Cure,” the main character known as Thomas is meant to be the opposing character who goes against the conflicted group known as W.I.C.K.E.D. Throughout the novel, Thomas is said to be in a “paradise”, only to be separated from the rest of his group. Thomas is then trapped in only a plain white room for almost a month, wearing the same clothes that he had journeyed in, and eating the same meals each and everyday. Soon, Thomas is finally reunited with his group but only to see W.I.C.K.E.D is offering the whole group to regain their memories, although a few group members accept the offer Thomas then declines, not trusting W.I.C.K.E.D. But as Thomas explains to his group that they’ll soon escape, when trying to escape Thomas was soon caught and was forced to regain back his memories, even if he didn’t want to. As soon as Thomas was about to go through with the procedure, the group then came in to save him, quickly escaping from the grasps of their antagonists WICKED. Luckily, the whole group ends up making it out alive and are heading on a berg (which is similar to an airplane) to Denver, but only to know that one of their most
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