Book Report : ' The Hell '

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A funny thing happened to me when I went on my first spring break, I got married (and yes the kind with the ring, paper, and shoving the tongue down the naive guy 's throat after answering a question with I do). I know what your first question might be, and no I wasn’t in Las Vegas (which I would have asked the same thing myself). I know what your second question might be, and no I’m not some rich heiress who father is a billionaire and has money coming out of his butt (and middle class would be stretching it). And, of course, I know the last question would be a two for one like how in the hell did you end up in that situation and if you are going to write a self-help book for desperate women to do the same along with a book signing tour and do the talk-show circuit (which a response of no to be polite and hell no to be truthfully accurate). How else could I think when I opened my eyes and I’m in my bed (never thought hotel’s beds to be this comfortable), in my room that is now full of flowers (quite overwhelming in a fairytale sort of way because no one had ever given me any), with a wedding ring on my finger (actually quite large and had to be fake), but it was quite beautiful (yes, I’m talking about the caveman boulder that is giving me a workout whenever I raise my hand to cause dears miles away to stop dead in their tracks). Let me not be a complete idiot and forget the accessory that came along with the ring. We have finally come to the unknown man…

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