Book Report : ' The Scarlet Red Lips '

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The gorgeous man woke up with his palms sweating. He has a bad habit of sleeping with his comforter, even during the summer. He made a little stretch with his arms and got out of bed. He 's the owner of a modeling company and needed new models for his company. He 's also a player that everyone knew about. Women stayed away from him, because they will fall under his charm. One young woman was determined to beat him at his own game.

She was very pretty. Her hair color is black and eyes are big. They 're round too, which is impossible. Her eyelashes are seductive with her crimson red lips. She looked like she came out of a model magazine. Her exterior is beautiful, but her heart is black like ashes. She 's merciless and does not care
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She 's going to make the whole world love her, by being beautiful and having an affair with a rich man. She waited a few second and the front lady said that she has to go to the sixth floor and the room number is one hundred twenty.

'Great. I have to encounter more judgmental people on the elevator. ' She thought. 'Well, suck it up. No one will like you if you don 't get yourself on that floor! ' Her mind said back to her. She walked like a zombie to the elevator. Her mind controls her. She pressed the number six button and waited for the elevator to stop at her floor. She made sure her phone is in her purse, because she can 't live without it. She 's like every other woman. She has some addictions and of course insecurities.

Her big breasts bothers her a lot, because people hate big breasts. Most women are insecure of that. Girls and young ladies too. She tapped her foot and the elevator dinged. She got off and knocked on the door. She felt insecure. 'You fool, if you 're scared, you won 't be loved! ' Her mind scolded her. She heard shuffling inside the apartment. It took half a minute before the man opened the door.

Who is at my door on a Saturday? The man said to himself. He opened it and saw a young woman standing in front of him. The first thing he noticed about her is her beauty. She 's perfect for his company. He needs to have the best company ever, so he can get a lot of money. "May I come
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