Book Report : ' The Scarlet Red Lips '

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The gorgeous man woke up with his palms sweating. He has a bad habit of sleeping with his comforter, even during the summer. He made a little stretch with his arms and got out of bed. He 's the owner of a modeling company and needed new models for his company. He 's also a player that everyone knew about. Women stayed away from him, because they will fall under his charm. One young woman was determined to beat him at his own game.

She was very pretty. Her hair color is black and eyes are big. They 're round too, which is impossible. Her eyelashes are seductive with her crimson red lips. She looked like she came out of a model magazine. Her exterior is beautiful, but her heart is black like ashes. She 's merciless and does not care about anybody, but herself. She grabbed her purse and her tight black dress that is short enough to reveal her very thin legs.

A lot of people call her a harlot, because of the way she dresses. She looks anorexic too, but she 's perfectly healthy. A lot of people judge her before they get to know her. That 's what hardened her heart. She 's tired of people making fun of her and bullying her, because of the way she looks. She put on her six inch heel and head out the door, where the people would point at her and throw things. 'I can 't wait to get out of here. ' She thought.

She walked towards the big apartment buildings on the luxurious side of town. She asked the front desk lady about the man who owned a model company. The front desk…
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