Book Report: The Ugly People Of New Pretty Town

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Reason: In all honesty, I chose this book because I thought the cover looked cool. I was with my friend in the library, and I saw it being displayed on one of the shelves. I picked it up, and my friend told me she read it and said it was a good book that she enjoyed.

Summary: Tally lives in Uglyville with the other ugly people. Peris is also an Ugly. He´s her best friend that’s turning 16. When you turn 16 you undergo an operation to turn pretty. You move to New Pretty Town, filled with parties, models, and never-ending nights. Uglyville is more of a dump filled with rebels compared to the pretty side. Early in the book, Peris undergoes this operation and is separated from Tally. Tally cannot wait to turn 16 and reunite with Peris, but along
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The whole book talks about the separation of people based on how they look. The idea of being “pretty” and “ugly” in this book is very important. The people of New Pretty Town fit society’s standards of being accepted. An ideal person of that town has perfectly combed hair, a symmetrical face, crystal clear skin, and is skinny. The author portrays the people of Uglyville as slobs. They have messy hair, uneven facial features, and crooked teeth. These two different groups are labeled, and because of their appearance some are accepted and some are not. An example would be “I like your dress” in today’s time but in the book it’s more “I like your dress, let’s become friends!”. Tally, the protagonist struggles with her appearance and that’s a part of why she cannot wait to undergo the operation. She soon gains confidence when she meets Shay and they both feel like they don’t need to fit those standards. They recognize each other's flaws and embrace them. Tally has a lot of fun with Shay and she doesn’t feel out of place because Shay and her friends don’t care what anyone looks like. They focus on personalities.

Recommendation: I would recommend this book to anyone who wants an interesting, quick read. This book has some aspects of futuristic technology and is more of a dystopian genre. It’s kind of like Divergent. If you liked that book, you might like this one too! They share the idea of a future society. I think this book would do well as a movie because of the adventure aspect to it, so I hope one day it turns into a movie and people will read the book
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