Book Report: Trapped In The Same World

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Trapped in the Same World In a little Island near Europe, there lived a wealthy and powerful king. He was well known as the best and the mightiest king in the whole world, he was named Lawrence. He was only 14 when his father died from Malaria. Lawrence became the king of the island after the incident and ruled at a young age. He had a hard childhood, his mother and brother died when he was only 6 years old. It was said that some of the castle’s servants had tried to poison the whole family, but the only ones who were poisoned were his mother and brother who died a few days after. No one knew who poisoned them so Lawrence’s father fired all the servants and replaced them with new servants. This is why Lawrence became a very selfish and uncaring king. One day, a fellow man named Spade came to the castle to talk to the king about a serious…show more content…
Lawrence was proud of himself for what he had done for his people. After a long day he headed back home and fell asleep. The next morning, he woke up to find himself in his carriage. He was confused if it was all a dream or not. The only way for him to find out was to go back and skip the vacation. He told the coachman to turn the carriage around and head back to the castle. As he arrived, he realized that it was not a dream and Raymond was still dead. The people were looking for Lawrence because they thought that he had gone missing. Little did they know that their hero was their king. Although Spade tried telling them that the hero was indeed King Lawrence, not many people believed him. All ended with a cheerful celebration of the massive victory. Many people thanked the King, while some thought he was just being selfish and taking credit for someone else’s victory. Even though some people still did not know who the real hero actually was, King Lawrence was proud of what he had done and realized he had made a huge difference to the people’s
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