Book Report of 'The Other Side of Sin'

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Book Report on The Other Side of Sin: The Other Side of Sin: Woundedness from the Perspective of the Sinned-against was written by Andrew Sung Park and Susan Louise Nelson as editors. This book consists of 197 pages and was published by State University of New York Press Albany. The book was printed in the United States of America in 2001 and consists of several contributors including Justo L. Gonzalez, Theodore W. Jennings Jr., and Ched Myers. The reason for writing a book report on "The Other Side of Sin" Woundedness from the perspective of the sinned-against is because it not only has a ridiculous title but it also presents a different perspective on the concept of sin. As another book on the subject of sin, the main characters of the book are Christians as the authors seek to reconstruct the doctrine of sin. Christian have been chosen as the main characters of the book in addressing sin because the wrong of the world is only categorized or diagnosed as sin in Biblical theology. While the authors acknowledge sin as the major reason for the wrongs in the world, they focus on the healing of the sinned-against. Therefore, the book is centered on specifying the pain of the sinned-against as the beginning of the solution to this problem. As part of addressing the problem, the book contains a comprehensive picture of the evaluation of Christians on wrongs beyond the simple formula of repentance from sin in order to be realistic to the wounded Christians. According to the
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