Book Report of the Novel 'Crime and Punishment'

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The 22nd Annual Book Report Competition For Secondary School Students The 2nd Runner Up of English Senior Section |Name of School |: Wa Ying College | |Name of Award Student |: Chow Tsz Yin, Amelia | |Title of Book Read |: Crime and Punishment | |Author |: Fyodor Dostoyevsky | |Publisher |: Penguin…show more content…
It is in that sense only, their right to commit crime. Proud, aloof, and scornful of humanity, at the beginning of the novel Raskolnikov has become obsessed with the idea that he is a “superman” and is therefore not subjected to the laws that govern ordinary humans. He has not only published an essay, he also tries to prove this theory, by killing an old pawnbroker, whom he regards as worthless. However, the murder goes horribly wrong: he also kills the old woman’s simple-minded innocent sister (Lizaveta), who stumbles upon the scene of the crime. So ironically, the crime fails to confirm Raskolnikov’s cool superiority. Tormented by feelings of guilt, he acts erratically, and he fears that his guilt will be obvious to others. Much of the novel centers on Raskolnikov’s irrational state of mind and the eccentric behavior that follows from this. On several occasions he comes close to boasting that he could have committed the crime, and dares others to prove that he did it. He insults his friend Razumihkin and deliberately offends his mother and sister. However, he also acts in ways that show he still has a moral conscience. For example, he defends his sister against her scheming fiancé Luzhin. He gives money to Marmeladov’s widow Katerina Ivanovna. He recoils in horror from the depraved Svidrigailov. Most significantly of all, he is drawn to the

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