Book Report on David Copperfield by Charles Dickens

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1. Title: David Copperfield
2. Genre/Category Descriptors: Fiction/Classic/Literary
3. Author/country of origin: Charles Dickens, United Kingdom
4. Themes*: Pick 2 and explain what the author is saying about each:
As people age, they change- Dickens shows throughout the book that changes occur in people over time. Not only does David become much more confident, aware, and able to think for himself as time goes on, but the minor characters also experience change. Dickens shows that people are not static and can change for the better, like David, or for the worse. Little Em’ly grows from a sweet little girl into a rather responsible young and engaged woman, but after that, she runs away with another man and eventually becomes a prostitute. Dickens shows how change can be both good and bad, but it is inevitable.
People are changed by adversity- David is significantly different after each of his hardships; Mr. Peggoty becomes much less happy after Em’ly runs away; Many of Aunt Betsey’s traits can be specifically traced back to her failed marriage; Mr. Micawber’s behavior became completely different while he was under the control of Uriah Heep. Dickens shows how adversity can be overcome, but it doesn’t leave the exact same person behind.
5. Characters (major and minor) - Physical Description and character’s function: David Copperfield (Major): David is a pleasant-looking boy who grows into a pleasant young man. As the protagonist, he is at once clever and naïve as he

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