Book Report on Lauren Henderson´s Flirting in Italian

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Flirting in Italian The title of the book I read is called “Flirting in Italian,” By Lauren Henderson. This book is about a teenage girl who has the love and deep interest for art and history art. She finds herself going to Italy to find answers of the painting, that resembles her very much, she saw at a museum back at home. The novel begins with a teenage girl named Violet Routledge from England. She loves art, especially history art. One day she stumbled upon a painting of a woman that looks exactly like her, it was like it was her twin, but that was impossible because the painting was ancient history. Since the painting was not famous she couldn’t bring home a replica of it so she secretly took a picture of the painting. Violet was so amazed by the resemblance that she started wondering if she was related to that woman. She also thought that her parents may not be her real parents and she would begin bouncing around ideas that she could possibly be adopted, since she doesn’t seem to look like her parents. She concluded that she is going to go to Italy during the summer and find out about the painting that was originally from “Castello di Vesperi, in Tuscany.” So she goes home to tell her mother, who decided that it was a marvelous idea to go to spend the summer in Italy, but told her mother that she wanted to go alone. Her disappointed and understanding mother said yes. It made her feel guilty since she wanted to be away from her mother. Later she arrived at Italy with

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